Monday, May 4, 2009

Getting lost in Tee Pee Ranches

Last summer I drove out to Tee Pee Ranches southwest of Datil to scope out a potential new listing. I thought SURELY I could find this lot - they're all numbered. Well, I couldn't even find the road. Actually, I do recall seeing it but it was so over-grown, I thought it was an unused driveway so I took a right instead and bottomed out the Corolla on the boulders. FYI: Avoid passenger cars in most of the rural subdivisions.

After I got the listing, I spent - I don't know - hours copying sections the big plat maps and taping them together trying to match up roads to create a usable map of the subdivision. Then I drove out with another broker, stopping at corners and signs trying to make sure my map matched reality (it didn't always). I was pretty proud of my map and we've been using it since.

Then Bev, my qualifying broker - also known facetiously as Boss-Lady starts laughing this morning and says "Look what I just got!" A lovely map of Tee Pee Ranches roads. Sigh. Where was that when I was lost in Tee Pee Ranches?

Theirs & mine. Theirs has phases but mine has lots. I'll use them both and between them and my old truck with the jumbo tires, I am invincible.

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