Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Sad End of Another Independent Newspaper

The last regular issue of the Mountain Mail newspaper was uploaded to the printer tonight and will be distributed tomorrow.

I always thought I would talk more about the paper in this blog but I never could do it. Too distressing. My husband has been the main reporter - sometimes the only reporter - for five years. It was a huge part of our lives even before I started helping out up front twice a week back in November of last year. Accounts Receivable. Scary.

In fact, I just now realize I still can't say much except that it's tragic that newspapers can't make it in these times. A whole lot of people relied on it for local news, legal ads (who's going to take care of Catron County now? The Journal? Not hardly!), classifieds, free obituaries and birth announcements, a different perspective from the Chieftain, a way different perspective from T.V. "news".

Dammit, it was important! It made a difference. My husband made a difference. Even I, in my small way, made a difference. Most people had no idea just how small a staff produced that paper every week. Couldn't be just a couple full-timers, a couple part-timers and a few, mostly unpaid columnists and contributors. That's because it was good.

It's going to be missed. The void will soon be filled but we all see the trend toward the shallow, impersonal and bureaucratic. The good old days ended today. Time to start being nostalgic.

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